Dog Friendly Hikes

Reminder for Hiking With Dogs:

While hiking with our dogs can be a great and fun-filled adventure, PLEASE make sure to be courteous of your surroundings and all those around you.  It is important to keep in mind that all of these places are kind enough to allow you to be there and take your pet with you so please respect the area and follow all of the rules that they have set in place.  These rules are not only for the preservation of the trails, ecosystem, and animals that live there, but also for the safety of you, your pet, and those around you.  Whenever I go, I make sure that my dog's e-collar is charged and on her at all times as well as taking a physical leash with me even if a leash is not required.  If we are passing people, I usually just connect her leash, while we pass them, out of common courtesy. While I know my dog would never do anything unless provoked, they don't.  This is just what I do and what works for me and my dog, so feel like this is what you have to do.  Find what works for you as long as it is following the rules and being respectful to the trail and the people around you.

Blue Hole and Greeter Falls Loop 

Savage Gulf State Park 

Beersheba Springs, Tennessee


This is probably my favorite hike to date so far! The views are great and it's a great rocky terrain. The only downside is that it can be VERY slippery so be careful on the rocks. My dog was not too sure about the metal spiral stairway that we had to take in order to get down to the Blue Hole and Lower Falls. So if your dog doesn't like stairs or has never done them before, just be aware and cautious because they are also very slippery. Other than that, Oakley loved it and it was fairly well-kept and clean.

Blue, Red, and Yellow Loop Trail

Seidman Park

Ada, Michigan


This is a great hike for beginners with dogs. There are 2 trailheads and multiple trails within that you can choose from. Whether you are wanting to do a quick hike or a longer hike (a few hours), Seidman Park has a good variety of terrain in the small area of the property. There are a few streams and some benches in openings along the way and it tends to be a well-kept and clean trail in general.